Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1600)

Henry the fourth.
3115I rode to thee, and tidings do I bring, and luckie ioyes, and gol-
den times, and happy news of price.
Iohn I pray thee now deliuer them like a man of this
3120Pistol A footre for the world and worldlings base, I speake
of Affrica and golden ioyes.
Iohn O base Assirian Knight! what is thy newes? let King
Couetua know the truth thereof.
Scilens And Robin Hood, Scarlet, and Iohn.
3125Pistol Shal dunghill curs confront the Helicons? and shall
good newes be baffled? then Pistoll lay thy head in Furies lap.
Shal. Honest gentleman, I know not your breeding.
3130Pistol Why then lament therefore.
Shal. Giue me pardon sir, if sir you come with newes from
the court, I take it theres but two waies, either to vtter them, or
conceale them, I am sir vnder the King in some authoritie.
3135Pistol Vnder which King, Besonian? speake, or die.
Shal. Vnder King Harry.
Pistol Harry the fourth, or fift?
Shal. Harry the fourth.
3140Pist A fowtre for thine office: sir Iohn, thy tender lambkin
now is King: Harry the fifts the man: I speake the truth: when
Pistol lies, do this, and fig me, like the bragging spaniard.
3145Falst What is the old King dead?
Pistol As nayle in doore, the things I speake are iust.
Fal. Away Bardolfe, saddle my horse, M. Robert Shallow,
choose what office thou wilt in the land, tis thine: Pistol, I will
3150double charge thee with dignities.
Bard. O ioyful day! I would not take a Knight for my for-
Pistol What? I do bring good newes.
3155Falst. Carry master Scilens to bed: master Shallow, my
lord Shalow, be what thou wilt, I am fortunes steward, get on
thy boots, weel ride al night: ô sweet Pistol, away Bardolf, com
Pistol, vtter more to me, and withall, deuise something to doe
thy selfe good, boote, boote master Shallow, I know the yong
K3 King