Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1600)

Henry the fourth.
haue but foure here sir, and so I pray you goe in with mee to
Fa. Come, I wil go drink with you, but I cãnot tary dinner:
I am glad to see you, by my troth master Shallow.
Shal. O sir Iohn, do you remember since we lay all night
1730in the windmil in saint Georges field?
Fal. No more of that master Shallow.
Shal. Ha, twas a merry night, and is Iane Night-worke a-
1735Falst. She liues master Shallow.
Shal. She neuer could away with me.
Fa. Neuer neuer, she wold alwaies say, she could not abide
master Shallow.
Sha. By the masse I conld anger her too'th heart, she was
1740then a bona roba, doth she hold her owne wel?
Fal. Old old master Shallow.
Shal. Nay she must be old, she cannot chuse but be old, cer-
tain shees old, & had Robin Night-work by old Night-work,
before I came to Clements inne.
1745Scilens Thats fiftie fiue yeare ago.
Shal. Ha cousen Scilens that thou hadst seene that that this
Knight and I haue seene, ha sir Iohn, said I wel?
Fal. We haue heard the chimes at midnight M. Shallow.
Sha. That we haue, that we haue, that we haue, in faith sir
Iohn we haue, our watch-worde was Hemboies, come lets to
dinner, come lets to dinner, Iesus the daies that wee haue seene,
come, come. exeunt.
1755Bul. Good maister corporate Bardolfe, stand my friend,
& heres foure Harry tenshillings in french crowns for you, in
very truth sir, I had as liue be hangd sir as go, and yet for mine
owne part sir I do not care, but rather because I am vnwilling,
and for mine owne part haue a desire to stay with my friends,
1760else sir I did not care for mine owne part so much.
Bard. Go to, stand aside.
Moul. And good M. corporall captaine, for my old dames
sake stand my friend, she has no body to doe any thing about
F2 her