Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1600)

Henry the fourth.
Host. No I warrant you.
Falst. No I thinke thou art not, I thinke thou art quit for
that, mary there is another inditement vpon thee, for suffering
1370flesh to be eaten in thy house, contrary to the law, for the which
I thinke thou wilt howle.
Host. Al vitlars do so, whats a ioynt of mutton or two in a
whole Lent?
Prince You gentlewoman.
1375Dol. What saies your grace?
Fal. His grace saies that which his flesh rebels against.

1376.1Peyto knockes at doore.

Host. Who knockes so lowd at doore? looke too'th doore
there Francis.
Prince Peyto, how now, what newes?
Peyto The King your father is at Weminster,
And there are twenty weake and wearied postes,
Come from the North, and as I came along
1385I met and ouertooke a dozen captaines,
Bareheaded, sweating, knocking at the Tauernes,
And asking euery one for sir Iohn Falstaffe.
Prince By heauen Poines, I feele me much too blame,
So idely to prophane the precious time,
1390When tempest of commotion like the south,
Borne with blacke vapour, doth begin to melt,
And drop vpon our bare vnarmed heads,
Giue me my sword and cloke: Falstaffe, good night.

Exeunt Prince and Poynes.

1395Fal. Now comes in the sweetest morsell of the night, & we
must hence and leaue it vnpickt: more knocking at the doore?
how now, whats the matter?
E3 Bar.