Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1600)

The second part of
Host. Gods blessing of your good heart, and so she is by my
Falst. Didst thou heare me?
Prince Yea and you knew me as you did, when you ranne
away by Gadshil, you knew I was at your backe, and spoke it,
on purpose to trie my patience.
1335Falst. No, no, no, not so, I did not thinke thou wast within
Prince I shall driue you then to confesse the wilfull abuse,
and then I know how to handle you.
Falst. No abuse Hall a mine honour, no abuse.
1340Prince Not to dispraise me, and cal me pantler and bread-
chipper, and I know not what?
Fal. No abuse Hall.
Poynes No abuse?
Falst No abuse Ned i'th worlde, honest Ned, none, I dis-
1345praisde him before the wicked, that the wicked might not fall
in loue with thee: in which doing, I haue done the part of a
carefull friend and a true subiect, and thy father is to giue me
thankes for it, no abuse Hall, none Ned, none, no faith boyes
1350Prince See now whether pure feare and intire cowardize,
doth not make thee wrong this virtuous gentlewoman to close
with vs: is she of the wicked, is thine hostesse here of the wic-
ked, or is thy boy of the wicked, or honest Bardolfe whose zeal
burnes in his nose of the wicked?
Poynes Answer thou dead elme, answer.
Falst. The fiend hath prickt down Bardolfe irrecouerable,
and his face is Lucifers priuy kitchin, where he doth nothing
but rost mault-worms, for the boy there is a good angel about
1360him, but the diuel blinds him too.
Prince For the weomen.
Falst. For one of them shees in hell already, and burnes
poore soules: for th'other I owe her mony, and whether she be
1365damnd for that I know not.