Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1600)

Henry the fourth.
Prince Saturne and Venus this yeere in coniunction? what
saies th'Almanacke to that?
1290Poyns And look whether the fierie Trigon his man be not
lisping to his master, old tables, his note booke, his counsel kee-
Falst. Thou dost giue me flattering busses.
Dol By my troth I kisse thee with a most constant heart.
Falst. I am old, I am old.
Dol. I loue thee better then I loue, ere a scuruy yong boy of
them all.
Fal. What stuffe wilt haue a kirtle of? I shall receiue mony
1300a thursday, shalt haue a cap to morrow: a merry song, come it
growes late, weele to bed, thou't forget me when I am gone.
Dol By my troth thou't set me a weeping and thou saist so,
1305proue that euer I dresse my selfe handsome til thy returne, wel
hearken a'th end.
Fal. Some sacke Francis.
Prince, Poynes Anon anon sir.
Falst. Ha? a bastard sonne of the Kings? and arte not thou
1310Poynes his brother?
Prince Why thou globe of sinfull continents, what a life
dost thou leade?
Falst. A better then thou, I am a gentleman, thou art a
1315Prince Very true sir, and I come to drawe you out by the
Host. O the Lord preserue thy grace: by my troth welcom
to London, now the Lord blesse that sweete face of thine, O
Iesu, are you come from Wales?
1320Falst. Thou horson madde compound of maiestie, by this
light, flesh, and corrupt bloud, thou art welcome.
Doll How? you fat foole I scorne you.
Poynes My lorde, he will driue you out of your reuenge,
and turne all to a meriment if you take not the heate.
Prince You horson candlemine you, how vildly did you
speake of me now, before this honest, vertuous, ciuill gentle-
E2 Host.