Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1600)

The second part of
Dorothy Can a weake empty vessell beare such a huge full
hogshead? theres a whole marchãts venture of Burdeux stuffe
1090in him, you haue not seene a hulke better stuft in the hold.
Come, ile be friends with thee iacke, thou art going to the
wars, and whether I shall euer see thee againe or no there is no
body cares.
1095Enter drawer.
Dra. Sir, Antient pistol's belowe, and would speake with
Dol Hang him swaggering rascal, let him not come hither
it is the foule-mouthd'st rogue in England.
host. If he swagger, let him not come here, no by my faith I
must liue among my neighbours, Ile no swaggerers, I am in
good name, and fame with the very best: shut the doore, there
comes no swaggerers here, I haue not liu'd al this while to haue
1105swaggering now, shut the doore I pray you.
Fal. Dost thou heare hostesse?
Host. Pray ye pacifie your selfe sir Iohn, there comes no
swaggerers here.
1110Fal. Dost thou heare? it is mine Ancient.
Ho. Tilly fally, sir Iohn, nere tel me: & your ancient swag-
grer comes not in my doores: I was before maister Tisicke
the debuty tother day, & (as he said to me) twas no longer ago
than wedsday last, I good faith, neighbor Quickely, sayes he,
1115maister Dumbe our minister was by then, neighbor Quickly
(saies he) receiue those that are ciuil, for (saide he) you are in an
ill name: now a saide so, I can tell whereupon. For (saies he)
you are an honest woman, and well thought on, therefore take
heede what ghests you receiue, receiue (saies he) no swagge-
ring companions: there comes none here: you would blesse
you to heare what he said: no, Ile no swaggrers.
Falst. Hees no swaggrer hostesse, a tame cheter yfaith, you
1125may stroke him as gently as a puppy grey-hound, heele not
swagger with a Barbary hen, if her feathers turne backe in any
shew of resistance, call him vp Drawer.
Host. Cheter call you him? I will barre no honest man my