Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1600)

The second part of
Prince What wouldst thou thinke of me if I should weep?
Poynes I woulde thincke thee a most princely hypocrite.
Prince It would bee euery mans thought, and thou arte
a blessed felow, to thinke as euery man thinkes, neuer a mans
840thought in the world, keepes the rode way better then thine,
euerie man would thinke me an hypocrite indeede, and what
accites your most worshipfull thought to thinke so?
Poynes Why because you haue been so lewd and so much
845engraffed to Falstaffe. Prince And to thee.
Poyne By this light I am well spoke on, I can heare it with
mine owne eares, the worst that they can say of me is that I am
a second brother, and that I am a proper fellow of my hands,
850and those two things I confesse I cannot helpe: by the masse
here comes Bardolfe.
851.1Enter Bardolfe and boy.
Prince And the boy that I gaue Falstaffe, a had him from
me Christian, and looke if the fat villaine haue not transformd
him Ape.
Bard. God saue your grace.
Prince And yours most noble Bardolfe.
Poynes Come you vertuous asse, you bashfull foole, must
you be blushing, wherefore blush you now? what a maidenly
860man at armes are you become? ist such a matter to get a pottle-
pots maidenhead?
Boy A calls me enow my Lord, through a red lattice, and I
could discerne no part of his face from the window, at last I
spied his eies, and me thought he had made two holes in the ale
865wiues peticote and so peept through.
Prince Has not the boy profited?
Bard. Away you horson vpright rabble, away.
Boy Away you rascally Altheas dreame, away.
870Prince Instruct vs boy, what dreame boy?
Boy Mary my lord, Althear dreampt she was deliuered of
a firebrand, and therefore I call him her dreame.
Prince A crownes worth of good interpretation there tis boy.