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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Folio 1 1623)

The second Part of King Henry the Fourth. 99
3145Fal. What, is the old King dead?
Pist. As naile in doore.
The things I speake, are iust.
Fal. Away Bardolfe, Sadle my Horse,
Master Robert Shallow, choose what Office thou wilt
3150In the Land, 'tis thine. Pistol, I will double charge thee
With Dignities.
Bard. O ioyfull day:
I would not take a Knighthood for my Fortune.
Pist. What? I do bring good newes.
3155Fal. Carrie Master Silence to bed: Master Shallow, my
Lord Shallow, be what thou wilt, I am Fortunes Steward.
Get on thy Boots, wee'l ride all night. Oh sweet Pistoll:
Away Bardolfe: Come Pistoll, vtter more to mee: and
withall deuise something to do thy selfe good. Boote,
3160boote Master Shallow, I know the young King is sick for
mee. Let vs take any mans Horsses: The Lawes of Eng-
land are at my command'ment. Happie are they, which
haue beene my Friendes: and woe vnto my Lord Chiefe
3165Pist. Let Vultures vil'de seize on his Lungs also:
Where is the life that late I led, say they?
Why heere it is, welcome those pleasant dayes. Exeunt

Scena Quarta.

Enter Hostesse Quickly, Dol Teare-sheete,
3170and Beadles.

Hostesse. No, thou arrant knaue: I would I might dy,
that I might haue thee hang'd: Thou hast drawne my
shoulder out of ioynt.
Off. The Constables haue deliuer'd her ouer to mee:
3175and shee shall haue Whipping cheere enough, I warrant
her. There hath beene a man or two (lately) kill'd about
Dol. Nut-hooke, nut-hooke, you Lye: Come on, Ile
tell thee what, thou damn'd Tripe-visag'd Rascall, if the
3180Childe I now go with, do miscarrie, thou had'st better
thou had'st strooke thy Mother, thou Paper-fac'd Vil-
Host. O that Sir Iohn were come, hee would make
this a bloody day to some body. But I would the Fruite
3185of her Wombe might miscarry.
Officer. If it do, you shall haue a dozen of Cushions
againe, you haue but eleuen now. Come, I charge you
both go with me: for the man is dead, that you and Pi-
stoll beate among you.
3190Dol. Ile tell thee what, thou thin man in a Censor; I
will haue you as soundly swindg'd for this, you blew-
Bottel'd Rogue: you filthy famish'd Correctioner, if you
be not swing'd, Ile forsweare halfe Kirtles.
Off. Come, come, you shee-Knight-arrant, come.
3195Host. O, that right should thus o'recome might. Wel
of sufferance, comes ease.
Dol. Come you Rogue, come:
Bring me to a Iustice.
Host. Yes, come you staru'd Blood-hound.
3200Dol. Goodman death, goodman Bones.
Host. Thou Anatomy, thou.
Dol. Come you thinne Thing:
Come you Rascall.
Off. Very well. Exeunt.

3205Scena Quinta.

Enter two Groomes.
1. Groo. More Rushes, more Rushes.
2. Groo. The Trumpets haue sounded twice.
1. Groo. It will be two of the Clocke, ere they come
3210from the Coronation. Exit Groo.

Enter Falstaffe, Shallow, Pistoll, Bardolfe, and Page.

Falstaffe. Stand heere by me, M. Robert Shallow, I will
make the King do you Grace. I will leere vpon him, as
he comes by: and do but marke the countenance that hee
3215will giue me.
Pistol. Blesse thy Lungs, good Knight.
Falst. Come heere Pistol, stand behind me. O if I had
had time to haue made new Liueries, I would haue be-
stowed the thousand pound I borrowed of you. But it is
3220no matter, this poore shew doth better: this doth inferre
the zeale I had to see him.
Shal. It doth so.
Falst. It shewes my earnestnesse in affection.
Pist. It doth so.
3225Fal. My deuotion.
Pist. It doth, it doth, it doth.
Fal. As it were, to ride day and night,
And not to deliberate, not to remember,
Not to haue patience to shift me.
3230Shal. It is most certaine.
Fal. But to stand stained with Trauaile, and sweating
with desire to see him, thinking of nothing else, putting
all affayres in obliuion, as if there were nothing els to bee
done, but to see him.
3235Pist. 'Tis semper idem: for obsque hoc nihil est. 'Tis all
in euery part.
Shal. 'Tis so indeed.
Pist. My Knight, I will enflame thy Noble Liuer, and
make thee rage. Thy Dol, and Helen of thy noble thoghts
3240is in base Durance, and contagious prison: Hall'd thi-
ther by most Mechanicall and durty hand. Rowze vppe
Reuenge from Ebon den, with fell Alecto's Snake, for
Dol is in. Pistol, speakes nought but troth.
Fal. I will deliuer her.
3245Pistol. There roar'd the Sea: and Trumpet Clangour

The Trumpets sound. Enter King Henrie the
Fift, Brothers, Lord Chiefe

3250Falst. Saue thy Grace, King Hall, my Royall Hall.
Pist. The heauens thee guard, and keepe, most royall
Impe of Fame.
Fal. 'Saue thee my sweet Boy.
King. My Lord Chiefe Iustice, speake to that vaine
Ch. Iust. Haue you your wits?
Know you what 'tis you speake?
Falst. My King, my Ioue; I speake to thee, my heart.
King. I know thee not, old man: Fall to thy Prayers:
3260How ill white haires become a Foole, and Iester?
I have