Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

The Historie
Pr. What saist thou mistris quickly, how doth thy husband?
2100I loue him well, he is an honest man.
Host. Good my Lord heare me?
Falst. Preethe let her alone, and list to me.
Prin. What saist thou iacke.
2105Falst. The other night I fel a sleepe here, behind the Arras, and
had my pocket pickt, this house is turn'd baudy house, they pick
Prin. What didst thou loose iacke?
Fal. Wilt thou beleeue me Hall, three or foure bonds of forty
2110pound a peece, and a seale ring of my grandfathers.
Prin. A trifle, some eight penie matter.
Host. So I told him my Lord, and I said I heard your grace say
so: & my lord he speakes most vilely of you, like a foule mouthd
2115man as he is, and said he would cudgel you.
Prin. What he did not?
Ho. Theres neither faith, truth, nor womanhood in me else.
2120Fal. Theres no more faith in thee then in a stued prune, nor
no more truth in thee then in a drawn fox, and for womandood
maid marion may be the deputies wife of the ward to thee. Go
you thing, go.
Host. Say what thing, what thing?
2125Fal. What thing? why a thing to thanke God on.
Ho. I am nothing to thanke God on, I would thou shouldst
know it, I am an honest mans wife, and setting thy knighthood
aside, thou art a knaue to call me so.
Fal. Setting thy womanhood aside, thou art a beast to say o-
Host. Say, what beast, thou knaue thou?
Falst. What beast? why an Otter.
Prin. An Otter sir Iohn, why an Otter?
Falst. Why? shees neither fish nor flesh, a man knowes not
2135where to haue her.
Host. Thou art an vniust man in saying so, thou or anie man
knowes where to haue me, thou knaue thou.
Prin. Thou saist true hostesse, and hee slaunders thee most
2140Host. So hee doth you my Lord, and saide this other day you