Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

of Henrie the fourth.
1085Falst. You rogue, heeres lime in this sacke too: there is no-
thing but rogery to be found in villanous man, yet a cowarde is
worse then a cup of sacke with lime in it. A villanous cowarde.
Go thy waies old Iacke, die when thou wilt, if manhood, good
manhood be not forgot vpon the face of the earth, then am I a
1090shotten herring: there liues not three good men vnhangde in
England, and one of them is fat, and growes old, God helpe the
while, a bad world I say, I would I were a weauer. I could sing
psalmes, or any thing. A plague of all cowards I say still.
1095Prin. How now Wolsacke, what mutter you?
Falst. A kings sonne, if I do not beat thee out of thy kingdom
with a dagger of lath, and driue all thy subiects afore thee like a
flock of wild geese, ile neuer weare haire on my face more, you
prince of Wales.
1100Prin. Why you horeson round-man, whats the matter?
Falst. Are not you a cowarde? aunswere mee to that, and
Poines there.
Poin. Zoundes ye fat paunch, and ye call me cowarde by the
Lord ile stab thee.
1105Falst. I call thee cowarde, ile see thee damnde ere I call thee
coward, but I woulde giue a thousand pound I coulde runne as
fast as thou canst. You are streight enough in the shoulders, you
care not who sees your backe: call you that backing of your
friends, a plague vpon such backing, giue me them that will
1110face me, giue me a cup of sacke. I am a rogue if I drunke to day.
Prin. O villain, thy lips are scarse wipt since thou drunkst last.
Falst. All is one for that.
He drinketh.
1115A plague of all cowards still say I.
Prin, Whats the matter?
Falst. Whats the matter, there be foure of vs here haue tane a
thousand pound this day morning
Prin. Where is it Iacke, where is it?
1120Fal. Where is it? taken from vs it is: a hundred vppon poore
foure of vs.
Prin. What, a hundred, man?
Falst. I am a rogue if I were not at halfe sword with a douzen
of them two houres together. I haue scapt by myracle. I am
1125eight times thrust through the doublet, foure through the hose,