Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

of Henry the fourth.
Hot. He does, he does, weele be reueng'd on him.
Worst. Coosen farewell. No further go in this,
Then I by letters shall direct your course
When time is ripe, which will be suddenly,
625Ile steale to Glendower, and Lo: Mortimer,
Where you and Douglas, and our powres at once,
As I will fashion it shall happily meete,
To beare our fortunes in our own strong armes,
Which now we hold at much vncertainty.
630Nor. Farewell good brother, we shall thriue I trust.
Hot. Vncle adieu: O let the houres be short,
Till fields, and blowes, and grones, applaud our sport. Exeunt
Enter a Carrier with a lanterne in his hand
6351 Car. Heigh ho. An it be not foure by the day ile be hangd,
Charles waine is ouer the new Chimney, and yet our horse not
packt. What Ostler.
Ost. Anon, anon.
1 Car. I preethe Tom beat Cuts saddle, put a few flockes in
640the point, poore iade is wroong in the withers, out of all cesse.
Enter another Carier.
2 Car. Pease and beanes are as danke here as a dog, and that
is the next way to giue poore iades the bots: this house is turned
645vpside downe since Robin Ostler died.
1 Car. Poore fellow neuer ioied since the prise of Oates rose,
it was the death of him.
2 Car. I thinke this be the most villainons house in al London
650road for fleas, I am stung like a Tench.
1 Car. Like a Tench, by the Masse there is nere a King chri-
sten could be better bit then I haue bin since the first cocke.
2 Car. Why they will allowe vs nere a Iordane, and then we
655leake in your chimney, and your chamber-lie breedes fleas like
a loach.
1 Car. What Ostler, come away and be hangd, come away.
2 Car. I haue a gammon of bacon, and two razes of Gin-
660ger, to be deliuered as far as Charing crosse.
1 Car Gods bodie, the Turkies in my Panier are quite star-
ued: what Ostler? a plague on thee, hast thou neuer an eie in thy
head? canst not heare, and twere not as good deede as drinke to
C2 break