Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Series

Productions in the series 'Explorations in Shakespeare'

  1. Antony and Cleopatra: The World Well Lost (1969, Canada)
  2. As You Like It: Doing Your Own Thing (1969, Canada)
  3. Coriolanus: The People's Choice (1969, Canada)
  4. Hamlet: The Trouble with Hamlet (1969, Canada)
  5. Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2: The Making of the Ideal King (1969, Canada)
  6. King Lear: Who Is It Who Can Tell Me Who I Am? (1969, Canada)
  7. Macbeth: Nothing Is but What Is Not (1969, Canada)
  8. Othello: An Anatomy of a Marriage (1969, Canada)
  9. Richard II: How to Kill a King (1969, Canada)
  10. Romeo and Juliet: The Words of Love (1969, Franco Zeffirelli, Canada)
  11. The Tempest: O Brave New World (1969, Canada)
  12. Troilus and Cressida: War, War, Glorious War (1969, Canada)