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Pericles (2016, Bard on the Beach)

Theater CompanyBard on the Beach
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2016-07-02
End Date2016-09-21
Play ConnectionsPericles (performance)

Cast Overview

Prince PericlesKamyar Pazandeh
Lord HelicanusLuc Roderique
Lady DionyzaJeff Gladstone
King SimonidesIan Butcher
Princess ThaisaSereana Malani
Governor LysimachusKayvon Kelly
Lord CerimonDavid Warburton
LeonineKayvon Kelly
BoultIan Butcher
BawdKayla Deorksen
Brothel GirlLuisa Jojic

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorLois Anderson
Costume DesignerCarmen Alatorre
Lighting DesignerJohn Webber
Composer/Sound DesignerMalcolm Dow
Fight DirectorMr. Nicholas Harrison
Production Stage ManagerJoanne P.B. Smith
Assistant Stage ManagerRuth Bruhn
Directing ApprenticeBrennan Campbell
Movement CollaboratorWendy Gorling
Head Voice and Text CoachAlison Matthews
Scenic DesignerAmir Ofek
Apprentice Stage ManagerJennifer Stewart

Company Overview

Theater Company Bard on the Beach

Production information courtesy of: Jasmeen Boparai