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Twelfth Night (2016, Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival)

TitleTwelfth Night
Theater CompanyGreater Victoria Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2016-07-08
End Date2016-07-30
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsTwelfth Night (performance)

Cast Overview

Viola (aka Cesario)Will Carr
Orsino, Duke of IllyriaEmma Grabinsky
Countess OliviaTrevor Hinton
FesteJoanie Papillon
Sir Toby BelchSusie Mullen
Sir Andrew AguecheekMadeleine Humeny
MalvolioKaren Lee Pickett
MariaGeoffrey Ewert
SebastianEmily DeKorte
AntonioSarah Jean Valiquette
Sea CaptainFrankie Mulder
ValentineAmber Landry
CurioCharlotte Thompson
PriestFrankie Mulder
OfficerAmber Landry
OfficerCharlotte Thompson
MusicianNoelle Antonsen
MusicianCam Culham

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJanet Munsil
Assistant DirectorNoelle Antonsen
Associate ProducerStephanie Meine
Producing Artistic DirectorKaren Lee Pickett
Costume Design and ConstructionJames "Jimbo" Insell
Lighting DesignPaul Croy
Technical DirectorPaul Croy
Production ASM (Intern)Ellen Law
Production Stage ManagerSylvia Lindstrom
Costume Assistant and WigsTaylor Holt
Costume AssistantLucy Sharples
ComposerNoelle Antonsen
Production AssistantElijah Marrett-Hitch
Front of House Manager / Volunteer CoordinatorAriel Slack

Company Overview

Theater Company Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Janelle Jenstad