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Henry V (2015, Lazarus Theatre Company)

TitleHenry V
Theater CompanyLazarus Theatre Company
Release LocationsEngland
Start Date2015-06-30
End Date2015-07-18
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsHenry V (performance)

Cast Overview

Jamy (the Intelligencer)Louise Goodfield
Westmoreland (the Conciliator)Greta Gould
Exeter (the Protector)Kemi-bo Jacobs
Bishop of Ely (the Interpreter)Elly Lowney
Macmorris (the Observer)Nuala McGowan
King Henry (the Commander-in-Chief)Colette O'Rourke
Pistol (the Administrator)Emily Owens
Fluellen (the Tactician)RJ Seeley
Gower (the Enforcer)Sophie Tanza Quinn
Archbishop of Canterbury (the Divine)Kerry Willison-Parry

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorRicky Dukes
Associate DirectorGavin Harrington-Odedra
Assistant DirectorJosh Hinds
DramaturgeSara Reimers
Costume DesignerRachel Dingle
Lighting DesignerStuart Glover
Sound DesignerNeil McKeown
Stage ManagerLorrell Rawlins
Production ManagerIna Berggren
Production Graphic DesignerWill Beeston
Company PhotographerAdam Trigg

Company Overview

Theater Company Lazarus Theatre Company

Production information courtesy of: Joey Takeda