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Pericles (1986, Stratford Festival of Canada)

Theater CompanyStratford Festival of Canada
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1986-05-23
End Date1986-10-15
Play ConnectionsPericles (performance)

Cast Overview

AntiochusNicholas Pennell
Antiochus' DaughterTanya Rich
PericlesGeraint Wyn Davies
HelicanusJohn Innes
EscanesWilliam Samples
ThaliardStephen Russell
CleonJeremy Wilkin
DionyzaCaroline Yeager
SimonidesWilliam Needles
ThaisaGoldie Semple
MarinaKim Horsman
LychoridaMartha Burns
LysimachusJoseph Ziegler
CerimonMaurice Good
PhilotenLeslie Toy
LeonineJohn Bourgeois
DianaLeslie Toy
PhilemonShane Kelly
GowerRenee Rogers
PanderWilliam Needles
BoultNicholas Pennell
BawdMaria Vacratsis
1st Lord (Pentapol)John Bourgeois
2nd Lord (Pentapol)Neil Foster
3rd Lord (Tyre)Dale Mieske
1st Lord (Tyre)Michael Shepherd
2nd Lord (Tyre)Brent Stait
1st KnightEric Coates
2nd KnightKerry Dorey
3rd KnightEric McCormack
4th KnightMax Reimer
1st GentlemanNeil Foster
2nd GentlemanEric McCormack
SailorDale Mieske
1st PirateDale Mieske
2nd PirateMax Reimer
3rd PirateBrent Stait
2nd FishermanKerry Dorey
3rd FishermanWilliam Samples
1st FishermanMichael Shepherd
MessengerShane Kelly
Lysimachus' SoldierKerry Dorey
Poor ManMax Reimer

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorRichard Ouzounian
DesignerPatrick Clark
ChoreographerJohn Broome
Fight ArrangerJean-Pierre Fournier
Stage ManagerHilary Graham
Light DesignerHarry Frehner
Music byJohn Gray
Music byCharles Gray

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset