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Titus Andronicus (1989, Stratford Festival of Canada)

TitleTitus Andronicus
Theater CompanyStratford Festival of Canada
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1989-05-29
End Date1989-10-27
Play ConnectionsTitus Andronicus (performance)

Cast Overview

Titus AndronicusNicholas Pennell
Marcus AndronicusJames Blendick
LuciusEric Coates
MartiusIan Watson
QuintasJerry Etienne
MutiusMichael Hanrahan
LaviniaLucy Peacock
Young LuciusPatrick Finnigan
PubliusAndrew Dolha
CaiusLarry Herbert
SemproniusAllan Craik
ValentineGeoff McBride
AemiliusVictor A. Young
SaturninusKeith Dinicol
BassianusGeordie Johnson
TamoraGoldie Semple
AlarbusDirk Lumbard
DemetriusJuan Chioran
ChironAndrew Jackson
AaronHubert Baron Kelly
NurseWenna Shaw
2nd GothDouglas Chamberlain
3rd GothMichael Hanrahan
1st GothJohn Innes
MessengerDirk Lumbard
1st TribuneDouglas Chamberlain
2nd TribuneDeryck Hazel
Quartet memberVictor A. Young
JailerHubert Baron Kelly
SolinusJames Blendick
AngeloDouglas Chamberlain
Spanish MerchantJuan Chioran
Dromio of SyracuseKeith Dinicol
Dromio of EphesusKeith Dinicol
Quartet memberBrenda Gorlick
ConstableMichael Hanrahan
Wife to LuciusSusan Henley
CourtezanSusan Henley
LuceKate Hennig
Maid to LaviniaKate Hennig
Quartet memberLarry Herbert
AdmiralJohn Innes
BalthazarAndrew Jackson
Antipholus of SyracuseGeordie Johnson
Antipholus of EphesusGeordie Johnson
Quartet memberJayne Lewis
LucianaLucy Peacock
EgeonNicholas Pennell
AdrianaGoldie Semple
Dr. PinchJoseph Shaw
AbbessWenna Shaw

Production Team and Crew Overview

Director (T)Jeannette Lambermont
Director (C)Richard Monette
DesignerPatrick Clark
Movement SupervisorJohn Broome
Fight ArrangerJohn Broome
Fight ArrangerJuan Chioran
Stage ManagerNora Polley
Light DesignerLouise Guinand
Music by (T)Berthold Carriere
Puppet Movement (T)Robert More

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset