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Pericles (1973, Stratford Festival of Canada)

Theater CompanyStratford Festival of Canada
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1973-07-24
End Date1973-08-08
Play ConnectionsPericles (performance)

Cast Overview

AntiochusNachum Buchman
Antiochus' DaughterChristine Foster
PericlesNicholas Pennell
HelicanusMervyn Blake
EscanesRichard Curnock
ThaliardJack Roberts
CleonJoel Kenyon
DionyzaAngela Wood
SimonidesTony van Bridge
ThaisaMartha Henry
MarinaPamela Brook
LychoridaPat Bentley-Fisher
LysimachusDouglas Rain
CerimonPowys Thomas
LeonineMichael Liscinsky
DianaPatricia Collins
GowerEdward Atienza
MarshalBrian Gromoff
PandarRichard Curnock
BoultBarry MacGregor
BawdAmelia Hall
3rd Lord (Pentapol)Roger Allan
Lord (Tharsus)Colin Bernhardt
Lord (Mytilene)Lewis Gordon
2nd Lord (Tyre)Edward Henry
2nd Lord (Pentapol)Brian Sinclair
3rd Lord (Tyre)Paul Stephen
1st Lord (Pentapol)Don Sutherland
1st Lord (Tyre)Joseph Totaro
1st KnightScot Denton
3rd KnightRichard Monette
2nd KnightJack Wetherall
2nd GentlemanScot Denton
1st GentlemanLewis Gordon
GentlemanBrian Gromoff
4th SailorCharles Northcote
3rd SailorRaymond O'Neill
2nd SailorJack Roberts
1st SailorChristopher Spence
1st PirateDaniel Buccos
3rd PirateChristopher Spence
2nd PirateJack Wetherall
3rd FishermanTheodore Britton
2nd FishermanStanley Coles
1st FishermanPowys Thomas
3rd ServantDaniel Buccos
2nd ServantDavid Franklin
1st ServantRichard Monette

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJean Gascon
DesignerLeslie Hurry
EditorJeremy Gibson
Movement byPatricia Arnold
ChoreographerPatricia Arnold
Light DesignerGil Wechsler
Music byGabriel Charpentier

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset