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Hamlet (2015, American Shakespeare Center)

Theater CompanyAmerican Shakespeare Center
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2015-04-09
End Date2015-06-13
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)


Hamlet struggles to discern reality from illusion in the rotten state of Denmark as he copes with the loss of his father, his mother╩╝s remarriage, and life╩╝s biggest questions. For centuries, audiences have seen themselves in the brilliant, troubled prince at the center of this ghost story, comedy, seven-murder revenge thriller, and philosopher╩╝s gold mine.

American Shakespeare Center — Added 2014-09-15

Cast Overview

PoloniusStephen Brunson
OsricStephen Brunson
HamletPatrick Earl
Queen GertrudeStephanie Holladay Earl
1st GravediggerAndrew Goldwasser
GuildensternAndrew Goldwasser
MarcellusAndrew Goldwasser
ClaudiusBen Gorman
GhostJosh Innerst
2nd GravediggerJosh Innerst
FortinbrasJosh Innerst
Player KingJosh Innerst
BernardoEmily Joshi-Powell
ReynaldoEmily Joshi-Powell
RosencrantzEmily Joshi-Powell
VoltemandAlexandra Leigh
Player VillainAlexandra Leigh
FranciscoAlexandra Leigh
OpheliaSusie Parr
LaertesPatrick Poole
Player QueenPatrick Poole
HoratioTim Sailer

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJim Warren
Assistant Director/Stage ManagerSara Vasquez
Costume DesignerVictoria Depew
Fight DirectorBenjamin Curns
Costume Shop ManagerAudrey Hamilton-Shelton
Wardrobe ManagerMelissa Huggins
Wardrobe ManagerElizabeth Schneider
Production AssistantMeghan Bryan
Properties ManagerChristopher Moneymaker

Company Overview

Theater Company American Shakespeare Center

Production information courtesy of: American Shakespeare Center [website]