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The Tempest (2011)

TitleThe Tempest
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2011-03-31
End Date2011-04-03
Audiencecollege and university
general public
Play ConnectionsThe Tempest (performance)

Cast Overview

MirandaChris Arminault
Other SpiritsAllison Berger
MarinersAllison Berger
ProsperoHolly Cate
Other SpiritsAndrew Clark
IrisAndrew Clark
MarinersAndrew Clark
MarinersIan Jesse Curtis
JunoIan Jesse Curtis
Other SpiritsIan Jesse Curtis
StephanoAngela DeAngelo
CalibanKimberly Dodson
Ariel, a Watery SpiritMaggie Griffin
TrinculoJoseph Kowalsky
Ariel, a Fiery SpiritFelix Mayes
FerdinandJames McMaster
MarinersAmanda Moretz
Other SpiritsAmanda Moretz
CeresAlex Jo Natale
MarinersAlex Jo Natale
Other SpiritsAlex Jo Natale
GonzaloCaitlin O'Meally
SebastianRebecca Patterson
AlonsoZachary Shery
AntonioZachary Spiegel
Ariel, an Ethereal SpiritJoshua Tewell
Ariel, and Earthy SpiritMeghan Tynan
MarinersSean Vanin
Other SpiritsSean Vanin
Ariel, an Airy SpiritSari Weinerman

Production Team and Crew Overview

Assistant DirectorMonique St. Cyr
Costume DesignerAnnie Sutton
Scenic DesignerTimothy Averill
Lighting DesignerSusan Hamburg
Assistant ChoreographerElle Barks
Production Stage ManagerAmanda Lenti
Conceived and Staged ByCharles O. Anderson
Conceived and Staged ByTroy Dwyer