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Epicene, or The Silent Woman (2014, American Shakespeare Center)

TitleEpicene, or The Silent Woman
Theater CompanyAmerican Shakespeare Center
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2014-02-20
End Date2014-04-05
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsTwelfth Night (analog)


BLACKFRIARS PREMIERE. In the bawdy, riotous tradition of all his city comedies, Ben Jonson╩╝s Epicene explores love, sex, and trickery in Early Modern London. Urban playboy, Dauphine, wants his peace-and- quiet-loving Uncle Morose╩╝s fortune and hatches an elaborate plan to get it. Take a suspiciously silent bride, all of Dauphine╩╝s London cronies, and a deal that is simply too good to be true; and Morose gets a wedding day he won╩╝t soon forget.

American Shakespeare Center — Added 2014-01-02

Cast Overview

EpiceneGregory Jon Phelps
Dauphine EugenieAndrew Goldwasser
John DawJosh Innerst
ClerimontJonathan Holtzman
TruewitTim Sailer
Amorous La FooleChris Johnston
MoroseJohn Harrell
OtterRene Thornton, Jr.
Mistress OtterTracie Thomason
MuteAllison Glenzer
Madame HaughtyAllison Glenzer
Madame CentaureSarah Fallon
Mistress TrustyAbbi Hawk
CutbeardAbbi Hawk
A PageJosh Innerst
A ParsonTracie Thomason

Production Team and Crew Overview

Costume Shop ManagerErin M. West
Stage Manager/Prompter/UnderstudySara Vazquez
Properties Master/Assistant Stage Manager/UnderstudyChristopher Moneymaker
Wardrobe ManagerMika Nesbit
UnderstudySam Koogler

Company Overview

Theater Company American Shakespeare Center

Production information courtesy of: American Shakespeare Center [website]