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The Two Noble Kinsmen (2012)

TitleThe Two Noble Kinsmen
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2012-11-01
End Date2012-11-11
Audiencecollege and university
general public
Play ConnectionsThe Two Noble Kinsmen (performance)

Cast Overview

Duke TheseusTai Sommers
HippolytaRyan Smith
EmiliaKyra Soleil
General PirithousElud Bartos
PalamonKevin Tamplen
ArcitePhil Cruz
Theseus' WarriorCorey Barb
Theseus' WarriorDerek Chirillo
Theseus' WarriorChris Fogle
Theseus' WarriorDylan Meushaw
Queen #1Michelle Baker
Queen #3Emily Irizarry
Queen #3Leonie Middeke
Queen #2Amanda Tamplen
JailerCorey Barb
Jailer's DaughterCatherina Ellzey
WooerDerek Chirillo
DoctorDylan Meushaw
Sister to the JailerAshley Hall
Sister to the JailerLeonie Middeke
Friend #2Michelle Baker
CreonChris Fogle
Friend #1Amanda Temple
WrestlerDylan Meushaw
EphitoVeronica Victor
Amazon GuardKady Dominick
Amazon WarriorMichelle Baker
Amazon WarriorAmanda Tamplen

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorBetty Ellzey
Lighting DesignerTai Sommers
Fight CaptainPhil Cruz
Fight ChoreographerJake Priddy
Fight CaptainKevin Tamplen
Technical DirectorChris Fogle
Stage ManagerKatie Stritch
Stage ManagerRenee Sustariach
CostumesAnita Ellzey
CostumesKevin Tamplen
Production ManagerSean Milito
Tech CrewBenjamin Farnham
Tech CrewRianna Haas
Tech CrewTaylor Lucas
Tech CrewTricia Morgan
Tech CrewMary Rath
Tech CrewHenry Rogers
Tech CrewKierston Rolla
Tech CrewAyla Sherman
Tech CrewCristal Smallwood