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Richard III (2012, American Shakespeare Center)

TitleRichard III
Theater CompanyAmerican Shakespeare Center
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2012-01-19
End Date2012-04-05
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsRichard III (performance)


Richard III chronicles the cataclysmic end of England's greatest power struggle, the Wars of the Roses. Richard, as the play's remarkable ringmaster, takes the audience into his confidence as he plots to kill everyone before him in line for the throne. Being seduced by Richard's shameless treachery is one of theatre-going's most delicious guilty pleasures.

American Shakespeare Center — Added 2011-11-29

Cast Overview

King Edward IVJohn Harrell
Prince EdwardSarah Fallon
Duke Richard of YorkBrandi Rhome
Duke George of ClarenceAidan O'Reilly
Duke Richard of GloucesterBenjamin Curns
Earl HenryGregory Jon Phelps
Cardinal BourchierAidan O'Reilly
Duke of BuckinghamRene Thornton, Jr.
Earl RiversGregory Jon Phelps
Marquess of DorsetBrandi Rhome
Lord GreyMiriam Donald
Lord HastingsDaniel Kennedy
Lord StanleyJeremy West
Sir Richard RatcliffeAidan O'Reilly
Sir William CatesbyChris Johnston
Sir James TyrrelJohn Harrell
Sir James BluntAllison Glenzer
Sir Walter HerbertJohn Harrell
Sir Robert BrakenburyJohn Harrell
Christopher UrswickBrandi Rhome
Lord Mayor of LondonGregory Jon Phelps
Queen ElizabethAllison Glenzer
Queen MargaretSarah Fallon
Duchess of YorkMiriam Donald
Lady AnneBrandi Rhome
GhostGregory Jon Phelps
MurdererChris Johnston
MurdererJeremy West

Company Overview

Theater Company American Shakespeare Center

Production information courtesy of: American Shakespeare Center [website]