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Cymbeline (2012, Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF)

Theater CompanyOrlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2012-02-08
End Date2012-03-18
Audiencecollege and university
general public
high school
junior high
Play ConnectionsCymbeline (performance)


Shakespeare's epic fairy tale is a sweeping story of love, laughter, betrayal and redemption. Evil queens, forbidden love, mistaken identities, banishment, magic potions and poison fill the stage in this storybook adventure. After brave Princess Imogen is falsely accused of adultery and escapes her father's court, she sets forth on a treacherous and miraculous journey to reclaim her place in society and reunite with her true love.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater — Added 2011-10-27

Cast Overview

First LordRyan Czerwonko
PhilarioJohnny Lee Davenport
Lord BelariusJohnny Lee Davenport
MusicianBradford D. Frost
Prince ArviragusBradford D. Frost
Posthumus LeonatusDavid Hardie
King CymbelineWynn Harmon
First Roman SoldierStella Heath
QueenAnne Hering
Second LordKraig Kelsey
IachimoGeoffrey Kent
Lady HelenAmanda Leakey
Second Roman SoldierAmanda Leakey
General Caius LuciusSam Little
Princess ImogenVanessa Mandeville Morosco
First TribuneMegan Pickrell
CorneliusMegan Pickrell
PisanioMichael Raver
Lord ClotenBrandon Roberts
Second TribuneRudy Roushdi
FrenchmanRudy Roushdi
MusicianRudy Roushdi
Prince GuideriusMichael Shenefelt

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJim Helsinger
Costume DesignerDenise Warner
Set DesignerBob Phillips
Lighting DesignerBert Scott
Sound DesignerMatthew Given
Fight DirectorGeoffrey Kent

Company Overview

Theater Company Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF

Production information courtesy of: Orlando Shakespeare Theater [website]