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Romeo and Juliet (2012, Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF)

TitleRomeo and Juliet
Theater CompanyOrlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2012-01-25
End Date2012-03-17
Audiencecollege and university
general public
high school
junior high
Play ConnectionsRomeo and Juliet (performance)
SettingVerona, Renaissance


Pure and passionate, tempestuous and true – the feverish intensity of youth explodes in the most enduring love story of all time. Through the hate of warring factions, in defiance of their families and in secrecy from their closest friends, young lovers risk everything to be together. Shakespeare's masterpiece has never been so captivating, or so dangerous, as in this stirring new production.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater — Added 2011-10-27

Cast Overview

Romeo MontagueMichael Raver
Juliet CapuletStella Heath
Prince EscalusSam Little
ParisBradford D. Frost
MontagueBrandon Roberts
Lady MontagueAmanda Leakey
CapuletJohnny Lee Davenport
Lady CapuletVanessa Mandeville Morosco
NurseAnne Hering
MercutioGeoffrey Kent
BenvolioRudy Roushdi
TybaltDavid Hardie
Friar LaurenceWynn Harmon
Friar JohnKraig Kelsey
BalthasarRyan Czerwonko
PeterBrandon Roberts
Page to ParisMichael Shenefelt
ApothecaryDavid Hardie
WatchmanGeoffrey Kent
RosalineMegan Pickrell

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorThomas Ouellette
Costume DesignerJack Smith
Set DesignerBob Phillips
Lighting DesignerBert Scott
Sound DesignerMatthew Given
Fight DirectorGeoffrey Kent

Company Overview

Theater Company Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF

Production information courtesy of: Orlando Shakespeare Theater [website]