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Hamlet (2011, Victoria Shakespeare Society)

Theater CompanyVictoria Shakespeare Society
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2011-07-06
End Date2011-08-12
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)
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For this performance we are looking at the psychological thriller and personal drama aspects, and at finding the action that drives the story forward. By playing Hamlet as a woman, I hope that people will re-examine the relationships she has with her father, her mother, Ophelia and all the other characters with whom she interacts. I think that these relationships are the force behind all the actions that Hamlet feels compelled to do. And despite 400 years of performance, I hope we can get people to listen and watch the story from a fresh perspective.

Victoria Shakespeare Society — Added 2011-07-30

Cast Overview

OpheliaNoelle Antonsen
HamletMelissa Blank
ClaudiusPerry Burton

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorDavid MacPherson

Company Overview

Theater Company Victoria Shakespeare Society