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Portia, My Love (2008, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival)

TitlePortia, My Love
Theater CompanySt. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2008-07-27
Play ConnectionsThe Merchant of Venice (derivative)


"Portia, My Love is a re-imagining of the source story Shakespeare used in creating The Merchant of Venice. It tells the story of Bassanio and his obsession with a woman he knows – initially – only through an image that he glimpses in a strange machine. It is an obsession that threatens to destroy not only himself but his family and even the object of his desire: Portia. I [Andrew Templeton] was inspired to write the piece after reading the original Italian source story featuring Portia of Belmont and her challenge to male suitors. Instead of asking potential suitors to choose a box containing her image (as in the Shakespeare version), the original Portia set a challenge that any suitor who manages to sleep with her would rule both her and her island; should they fail they forfeit all their worldly possessions. This much more direct challenge struck me as fertile ground for a new version of the story, one containing contemporary resonances about the intersections of sex, commerce, obsession and even celebrity culture."

St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival — Added 2011-07-22

Cast Overview

AntonioMatthew John Lundvall
BassanioPeter van Gestel
PortiaSarah Kitz
NerissaEmma Hunter
Duke of VeniceQuincy Armorer
SolanioMichael MacDonald
SalerioRichard Beaune
BindoDavid M. Adams
ValentineKris Joseph
CleoLana Sugarman

Production Team and Crew Overview

Stage DirectionsIan Farthing
AuthorAndrew Templeton

Company Overview

Theater Company St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival [website]