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Henry V (2009, Muse of Fire Theatre Company)

TitleHenry V
Theater CompanyMuse of Fire Theatre Company
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2009-08-01
End Date2009-08-23
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsHenry V (performance)
SettingModern day England and France


Performed outdoors with no set, lighting, or sound equipment.

Muse of Fire Theatre Company — Added 2011-07-18

Cast Overview

AlicePatricia Austin
CourtPatricia Austin
HostessPatricia Austin
FluellenBrent T. Barnes
WestmorelandBrent T. Barnes
King HenryKevin Bigley
Duchess of YorkGretchen Carter
GowerGretchen Carter
Duke of OrleansGretchen Carter
Queen IsabelSarah Ibis
Governor of HarfleurSarah Ibis
AttendantsSam Johnston
BoySam Johnston
WilliamsSherry Legare
French AmbassadorSherry Legare
GreySherry Legare
BardolphJeff McVann
Archbishop of CanterburyJeff McVann
ErpinghamJeff McVann
King CharlesJeff McVann
Earl of CambridgeScott Miller
French SoldierScott Miller
NymScott Miller
Earl of SalisburyScott Miller
Duke of Gloucester HumphreyMichael Reyes
ChorusMichael Reyes
PistolReggie Robinson
Bishop of ElyReggie Robinson
Princess KatherineLaura Rook
Duke of ClarenceEric Damon Smith
HeraldEric Damon Smith
Constable of FranceEric Damon Smith
ScroopRyan Swikle
The DauphinRyan Swikle
BatesRyan Swikle
Duchess of BurgundyClaire Tuft
MontjoyClaire Tuft
Duke of ExeterMichael A Welles

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJemma Alix Levy

Company Overview

Theater Company Muse of Fire Theatre Company

Production information courtesy of: Muse of Fire Theatre Company [website]