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Timon of Athens (2011, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey)

TitleTimon of Athens
Theater CompanyThe Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2011-07-06
End Date2011-07-24
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsTimon of Athens (adaptation)
SettingVictorian Vaudeville


This taut 90-minute version of Shakespeare's rarely-produced play is an extraordinary explosion of imaginative staging and resonant themes. Resident director Brian Crowe mixes up a sublime blend of Grand Guignol, Vaudeville, and Brechtian theatricality in his inventive adaptation.

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey — Added 2011-07-12

Cast Overview

Timon of AthensGreg Jackson
LuciusScott Whitehurst
LucullusAmes Adamson
ApemantusBruce Cromer
SemproniusAllison Layman
AlcibiadesBrent Harris
FlaviusJohn Seidman
FlaminiusJasmine Batchelor
ServiliusQuentin McCuiston
VentidiusDan Lawrence
PoetGeoffrey Owens
PainterEric Hoffmann
JewelerQuentin McCuiston
A MerchantJasmine Batchelor
CupidJessica Ires Morris
CaphisScott Whitehurst
LuciliusGreg Mallios
PhiloLena Chilingerian
TitusA. Benard Cummings
HortensiusCameron Berner
Old AthenianBrent Harris
A MessengerJames Costello
First StrangerGeoffrey Owens
PhryniaSarah Quigley
TimandraAllison Layman
ClitusGeoffrey Owens
Lord/SenatorCameron Berner
Lord/SenatorTom Ciarleglio
First SenatorA. Benard Cummings
Lord/SenatorEric Hoffmann
Lord/SenatorJessica Ires Morris
Lord/SenatorGeoffrey Owens
Lord/SenatorChristine Sanders
The BarkerJessica Ires Morris
Lucius' ServantAmes Adamson
Isadore's ServantEric Hoffmann
Varro's ServantDan Lawrence
Cupids DancerCameron Berner
Other ArtisanLena Chilingerian
Debt CollectorJames Costello
Cupids DancerJames Costello
Other ArtisanJames Costello
Old Athenian's DaughterErica Knight
Cupids DancerErica Knight
Debt CollectorErica Knight
Other ArtisanGreg Mallios
Cupids DancerAubrey Neumann
Other ArtisanAubrey Neumann
Cupids DancerSarah Quigley
Debt CollectorSarah Quigley
Other ArtisanSarah Quigley

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorBonnie J. Monte
DirectorBrian B. Crowe
Assistant to the DirectorPaul Markert
Costume designerPamela A. Prior
Scenic DesignerBrian J. Ruggaber
Lighting DesignerAndrew Hungerford
Sound DesignerKarin Graybash
ComposerPeter Fleming
Dance CaptainJasmine Batchelor
Assistant to the Stage ManagerRichelle Buchmiller
Assistant to the Stage ManagerKelly Wyckoff
Production AssistantAri Wartell

Company Overview

Theater Company The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

Production information courtesy of: The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey [website]