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A Midsummer Night's Dream (2011, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey)

TitleA Midsummer Night's Dream
Theater CompanyThe Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2011-06-22
End Date2011-07-31
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsA Midsummer Night's Dream (performance)


Our annual Outdoor Stage production at the Greek amphitheater at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morris Township will feature the world's most popular comedy. This newly conceived, exuberant, 90-minute production will be perfect for children and families of all ages and will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Outdoor Stage in jubilant style.

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey — Added 2011-07-12

Cast Overview

TheseusJosh Carpenter
HippolytaNitya Vidyasagar
OberonJosh Carpenter
TitaniaNitya Vidyasagar
PuckSeamus Mulcahy
EgeusJohn Hickok
LysanderJack Moran
DemetriusBrian Cade
HermiaRebecca Mozo
HelenaEmily Kunkel
PhilostrateSeamus Mulcahy
Nick BottomRobert Clohesey
Peter QuinceJohn Hickok
SnugStewart Schneck
Francis FluteJames Russel
SnoutConnor Carew
StarvelingZach Fineblum
FairySamantha Blain
FairyDylan Digel
FairyTravis Johnson
FairyKatie Van Rensalier
Firefly kidBen Bollinger
Firefly kidSpencer Hickok
Firefly kidFeven Alemu Negussie
Firefly kidRyan Phillips

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorCameron Watson
Costume DesignerKara Harmon
Set DesignerAdam Miecielica
Lighting DesignerTony Galaska
ChoreographyDenise Cardarelli
MusicSteve Beckel

Company Overview

Theater Company The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

Production information courtesy of: The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey [website]