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King John (1819)

TitleKing John
Start Date1819
Play ConnectionsKing John (performance)

Cast Overview

King JohnMr. King
King JohnR. Phillips
Queen EleanorCoveney
Queen EleanorMr. King
Prince HenryMrs. Egerton
Prince HenryMiss Tidswell
Arthur, Duke of BrittaineMiss Boden
Arthur, Duke of BrittaineMiss C. Carr
ConstanceT. P. Cooke
Blanche of SpainMiss C. Carr
Blanche of SpainClaremont
Lady FaulconbridgeAbbott
Lady FaulconbridgePenley
Philip Faulconbridge, the BastardCharles Kemble
Philip Faulconbridge, the BastardWallack
Robert FaulconbridgeBengough
Robert FaulconbridgeConnor
Earl of PembrokeBarnard
Earl of PembrokeMenage
Earl of EssexEgerton
Earl of EssexMr. Pope
Lord BigotMiss Foote
Lord BigotMrs. Robinson
Hubert de BurghEdmund Kean
Hubert de BurghYoung
King Philip of FranceMrs. Coveney
King Philip of FranceMiss Logan
Duke Limoges of AustriaKent
Duke Limoges of AustriaT. Matthews
Lord MelunChapman
Lord MelunHolland
ChatillonMiss Macauley
ChatillonMiss O'Neill
Cardinal PandulphS. Stanley
Cardinal PandulphTreby