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King John (1940, Royal Shakespeare Company)

TitleKing John
Theater CompanyRoyal Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsUK
Start Date1940-05
Play ConnectionsKing John (performance)


At the start of the season Dennis Hutchinson played Prince Henry and James Gurney, Edward Rutherfoord played Lord Bigot, Hedley Mattingley played Robert Faulconbridge and Melun, Kenneth Wicksteed played Cardinal Pandulph and Robert Marshall played Chatillon. Later Dennis Hutchinson and then G F Hannam Clark played Robert Faulconbridge and the other parts were taken by Mary Whitfield, George Wood, C Rivers Gadsby, Michael Bullivant, Hedley Mattingly and Donald Layne-Smith.

Performance Chronicle Gatekeeper — Added 2011-04-04

Cast Overview

King JohnGeorge Skillan
Queen EleanorClare Harris
Prince HenryDennis Hutchinson
Prince HenryMary Whitfield
Arthur, Duke of BrittainePeggy Bryan
ConstanceJoan Sanderson
Blanche of SpainThea Holme
Lady FaulconbridgeFreda Jackson
Philip Faulconbridge, the BastardBaliol Holloway
Robert FaulconbridgeG. F. Hannam Clark
Robert FaulconbridgeDennis Hutchinson
Robert FaulconbridgeHedley Mattingly
Earl of PembrokeEdward Wheatleigh
Lord BigotEdward Rutherfoord
Lord BigotGeorge Wood
Hubert de BurghStanley Howlett
Peter of PomfretC. Rivers Gadsby
King Philip of FranceG. Kay Souper
Prince Lewis the DauphinBasil C. Langton
Duke Limoges of AustriaRichard Wordsworth
Lord MelunMichael Ingham
Lord MelunHedley Mattingly
ChatillonDonald Layne-Smith
ChatillonRobert Marshall
Cardinal PandulphHedley Mattingly
Cardinal PandulphKenneth Wicksteed

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorAndrew Leigh
DirectorB. Iden Payne
Costume DesignerBarbara Curtis

Company Overview

Theater Company Royal Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: Performance Chronicle Gatekeeper [website]