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The Tempest (2008, Love and Madness)

TitleThe Tempest
Theater CompanyLove and Madness
Release LocationsUK
Start Date2008-03-26
End Date2008-04-03
Play ConnectionsThe Tempest (performance)


Prospero, a potent magician lives in exile with his daughter Miranda on an island. Aided by the spirit, Ariel, he conjures a storm to wreck the ship carrying his enemies, who are washed up on the island. Prospero wants justice. Miranda wants a husband. Ariel wants freedom. Jack Shepherd (one of the UK's best known character actors and star of TV's Wycliffe) directed the opening production at Shakespeare's Globe and has subsequently worked there many times.

Love and Madness — Added 2008-11-14

Company Overview

Theater Company Love and Madness

Production information courtesy of: Performance Chronicle Gatekeeper [website]