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Hamlet (2008, The Factory)

Theater CompanyThe Factory
Release LocationsUK
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No matter how many times you see The Factory's Hamlet, you will see a new and different show each time. Every character in the play can be performed from a selection of different actors each night, as each performer has learnt numerous parts. You may for example, see an actor playing Hamlet one night, and Guildenstern the next. The cast will not know which character they will be playing until just before the show begins, when you, THE AUDIENCE decide. There is no set. What the actors perform on depends entirely on where The Factory has decided to play. If there is a set, it will belong to someone else's production, which we will use for that one occasion. There are no designated props. Any object that you see on stage or used by an actor will come from YOU - The Audience. It may be a shoe, a phone, a bag, or ANYTHING you can bring in to be used!

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Theater Company The Factory

Production information courtesy of: Performance Chronicle Gatekeeper [website]