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The Comedy of Errors (1996, Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax)

TitleThe Comedy of Errors
Theater CompanyShakespeare by the Sea - Halifax
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1996-08-06
End Date1996-09-01
Play ConnectionsThe Comedy of Errors (performance)
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Number of 1996 season performances: 59; length of season: 8.5 weeks; season attendance: 24,720.

Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

Solinus (B)Matthew Kennedy
Solinus (A)Benjamin Stone
Aegeon (A)Richard Davidson
Aegeon (B)Sam White
Antipholus of Ephesus (A)Neil Hicks
Antipholus of Ephesus (B)Benjamin Stone
Antipholus of Syracuse (A)Marty Burt
Antipholus of Syracuse (B)Darren Keay
Dromio of Ephesus (A)Sam White
Dromio of Ephesus (B)Patricia Zentilli
Dromio of Syracuse (A)Darren Keay
Dromio of Syracuse (B)Jennie Raymond
Angelo (A)Matthew Kutas
Angelo (B)Steven Manuel
Dr. Pinch (B)Matthew Kutas
Dr. Pinch (A)Ginette St. Germain
Amelia (A)Ingrid Doucet
Amelia (B)Michelle McIntyre
Adriana (A)Jennie Raymond
Adriana (B)Kristen Van Ginhoven
Luciana (B)Stacy Smith
Luciana (A)Patricia Zentilli
Luce (B)Ingrid Doucet
Luce (A)Stacy Smith
Courtesan (A)Michelle McIntyre
Courtesan (B)Ginette St. Germain
Balthazar (B)Marty Burt
Balthazar (A)Matthew Kennedy
Other Roles (A)Richard Davidson
Other Roles (A)James Fowler
Other Roles (B)James Fowler
Other Roles (A)Neil Hicks
Other Roles (B)Steven Manuel
Other Roles (B)Irene Poole
Other Roles (A)Kristen Van Ginhoven

Production Team and Crew Overview

Co-DirectorPatrick Christopher
Co-DirectorJean Morpurgo
Mask DesignerJeff Chown
Mask DesignerShayne Cunningham
Mask DesignerWinnie Fong
Mask DesignerSin-Ying Ho
Mask DesignerTerrie MacDonald
Mask DesignerHeather Wilkinson

Company Overview

Theater Company Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax [website]