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The Two Gentlemen of Verona (2005, The Shakespeare Company)

TitleThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
Theater CompanyThe Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2005
End Date2005
Play ConnectionsThe Two Gentlemen of Verona (performance)
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Cast Overview

The DukeBill McCarthy
ValentineJohn Knight
ProteusTom Currie
AntonioBill McCarthy
Sir ThurioCameron Shank
Host/Crab the DogTrevor Matheson
Pirate OutlawIam Coulter
Pirate OutlawStuart James
Pirate OutlawTrevor Matheson
SpeedCathy Myles
LaunceStuart James
JuliaElla B. May
SylviaSarah Heyman
LucettaCathy Myles

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorIam Coulter

Company Overview

Theater Company The Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: The Shakespeare Company [website]