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Much Ado Bout Nothin (1997, Upstart Crow Theatre Group)

TitleMuch Ado Bout Nothin
Theater CompanyUpstart Crow Theatre Group
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1997-05-28
End Date1997-06-14
Play ConnectionsMuch Ado About Nothing (adaptation)
SettingChicago. 1920s
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Cast Overview

ClaudioStephen Carrette
BennieChris Coculuzzi
Father FrancisGregory Corkum
Constable VergesGregory Corkum
Tony (father to Hero)Steve Dazzi
BeaRoxanne Deans
Constable DogberrySeamus Dudley
Cleo (sister to Tony)Kirklynne Garrett
Chief of PoliceMichael Halkusis
Don PedroMichael Halkusis
Officer OtecakeFabiola Mannavarayan
PhoebeFabiola Mannavarayan
MargaretTina McCulloch
Don JohnJoseph Navarro
HeroTiffany Owens
Officer SeacoleKathy Plamondon
AemeliaKathy Plamondon
BorachioDonald Robertson
ConnieTina Silver

Production Team and Crew Overview

Adapted and Directed byChris Coculuzzi
Set DesignerDavid Howse
Lighting DesignerDavid Howse
Sound DesignerChris Coculuzzi
ChoreographerRoxanne Deans
Stage ManagerDavid Howse
Assistant Stage ManagerKathy Plamondon
CostumesBetty McGuire
Sound OperatorBob O'Neill

Company Overview

Theater Company Upstart Crow Theatre Group

Production information courtesy of: Upstart Crow Theatre Group [website]