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The Comedy of Errors (2005, American Shakespeare Center)

TitleThe Comedy of Errors
Theater CompanyAmerican Shakespeare Center
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2005-06-15
End Date2005-10-27
Play ConnectionsThe Comedy of Errors (performance)
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Cast Overview

SolinusRene Thornton, Jr.
EgeonDavid Loar
Antipholus of EphesusKhris Lewin
Antipholus of SyracuseEric Schoen
Dromio of EphesusBernard Bygott
Dromio of SyracuseJames Keegan
AngeloJames Beneduce
First MerchantTracy Hostmyer
Second MerchantJohn Paul Scheidler
Dr. PinchRene Thornton, Jr.
An AbbessTracy Hostmyer
AdrianaSarah Fallon
LucianaAmy-Kristina Herbert
Luce (Nell)John Paul Scheidler
A CourtesanVanessa Mandeville Morosco
A JailerVanessa Mandeville Morosco
BalthazarJohn Harrell
An OfficerTracy Hostmyer
UnderstudyLesley Larsen
UnderstudyMatthew Sincell

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorCurt L. Tofteland
Costume DesignerErin West
Music DirectorJohn Harrell
Stage ManagerJay McClure
Voice CoachRene Thornton, Jr.
Production AssistantMary Coy
Prop MasterMatthew Sincell

Company Overview

Theater Company American Shakespeare Center

Production information courtesy of: American Shakespeare Center [website]