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A Midsummer Night's Dream (1996, Adrian Noble)

TitleA Midsummer Night's Dream
Release LocationsUK
DirectorAdrian Noble
MediumColor video
Length1 hrs, 43 mins
Play ConnectionsA Midsummer Night's Dream (recording)


Based on Adriann Noble's touring stage production, but reblocked to a sound stage location for the purposes of filming.

Description by Tanya Gough. Cited by permission. — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

TheseusAlex Jennings
HippolytaLindsay Duncan
OberonAlex Jennings
TitaniaLindsay Duncan
PuckBarry Lynch
EgeusAlfred Burke
LysanderDaniel Evans
DemetriusKevin Doyle
HermiaMonica Dolan
HelenaEmily Raymond
PhilostrateBarry Lynch
BottomDesmond Barrit
Peter QuinceJohn Kane
SnugKenn Sabberton
Francis FluteMark Letheren
Tom SnoutHoward Crossley
Robin StarvelingRobert Gillespie
The BoyOsheen Jones
Fairies/CourtiersGemma Aston
Fairies/CourtiersJohn Baxter
Principal Fairies/CourtiersEmily Button
Principal Fairies/CourtiersJane Colenutt
Principal Fairies/CourtiersTim Griggs
Fairies/CourtiersGuy Hargreaves
First FairyAnn Hasson
Fairies/CourtiersMichelle Jordan
Fairies/CourtiersSarah Kruger
Fairies/CourtiersNicola McRay
Fairies/CourtiersJoseph Morton
Fairies/CourtiersMatt Patresi
Fairies/CourtiersOscar Pierce
Fairies/CourtiersDominique Poulter
Principal Fairies/CourtiersDarren Roberts

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorAdrian Noble
ProducerPaul Arnott
Production DesignerAnthony Ward
Costume DesignerAnthony Ward
EditorPaul Hodgson
EditorPeter Hollywood
Music ComposerHoward Blake
ScreenplayAdrian Noble
Screenplay AdaptationAdrian Noble
Sound EditorAdrian Rhodes
Music ConductorHoward Blake
Director of PhotographyIan Wilson
Supervising Art DirectorJohn Fenner

Production information courtesy of: Tanya Gough