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Hamlet (1990, Franco Zeffirelli)

Release LocationsUSA
DirectorFranco Zeffirelli
MediumColor video
Length2 hrs, 15 mins
Play ConnectionsHamlet (interpretation)


This is a highly compressed treatment of the play, which endeavors to present as much of the text as possible, but short enough to keep the attention of the cineplex-going audience. The result is perhaps the fastest paced and most drastically rearranged Hamlet on film (Jeanne Cooper of The Washington Post referred to it as "Master Pieces Theatre", January 18, 1991). Set in a dark and stormy medieval castle, the visuals are characterized by tight, close shots, and a pervading sense of claustophobia and dampness.

Description by Tanya Gough. Cited by permission. — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

MarcellusChristien Anholt
ClaudiusAlan Bates
PlayerMarjorie Bell
OpheliaHelena Bonham Carter
PlayerJustin Case
GertrudeGlenn Close
HoratioStephen Dillane
ReynaldoVernon Dobtcheff
FranciscoDave Duffy
PlayerRoy Evans
Player QueenChristopher Fairbank
HamletMel Gibson
PoloniusIan Holm
PlayerRoger Low
RosencrantzMichael Maloney
OsricJohn McEnery
PlayerNed Mendez
GuildensternSean Murray
LaertesNathaniel Parker
The GravediggerTrevor Peacock
PlayerSarah Phillips
Player KingPete Postlethwaite
The GhostPaul Scofield
PlayerBaby Simon Sinclair
PlayerPamela Sinclair
BerndardoRichard Warwick
PlayerRoy York

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorFranco Zeffirelli
First Assistant DirectorMichael Murray
Executive ProducerBruce Davey
ProducerDyson Lovell
Production DesignerDante Ferretti
Casting DirectorJoyce Nettles
Script SupervisorAngela Allen
ScreenplayChristopher de Vore
ScreenplayFranco Zeffirelli
Production Co-ordinatorClare St. John
Voice CoachJulia Wilson-Dickson
Wardrobe SupervisorRichard Pointing
Sound MixerDavid Stephenson
MusicEnnio Morricone
Camera OperatorDerek Browne
Production SupervisorDavid Barron
Supervising Art DirectorMichael Lamont
Production ControllerPaul Tucker

Production information courtesy of: Tanya Gough