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Cymbeline (1913, Frederick Sullivan)

Release LocationsUSA
DirectorFrederick Sullivan
MediumBlack & white video
Length41 mins
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsCymbeline (abridgment)


One of the silent Shakespeare films made by Edwin Thanhouser. Because the Library of Congress print lacks credits, I've relied here on R.H. Ball's reconstruction of them. His comment that he could not even "guess" William Russell's role because of the "abundant whiskers" on the male actors sums up the difficulties of identification

Description from Shakespeare on Screen : an International Filmography and Videography by Kenneth S. Rothwell and Annabelle Henkin Melzer. ©1990 Kenneth S. Rothwell. Cited by permission. — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

QueenJean Darnell
IachimoWilliam Garwood
ImogenFlorence LaBadie
CastWilliam Russell

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorFrederick Sullivan
ProducerEdwin Thanhouser

Production information courtesy of: Kenneth Rothwell