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Les amants de Verone. [The Lovers of Verona] (1949, André Cayatte)

TitleLes amants de Verone. [The Lovers of Verona]
Release LocationsFrance
DirectorAndré Cayatte
MediumBlack & white video
Length1 hrs, 50 mins
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsRomeo and Juliet (derivative)


This film was made in the Paris-Studios-Cinéma at Brillancourt and in the glass factory of Pauly & Co., Venice, Italy

Description from Shakespeare on Screen : an International Filmography and Videography by Kenneth S. Rothwell and Annabelle Henkin Melzer. ©1990 Kenneth S. Rothwell. Cited by permission. — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

Georgia MagliaAimée Anouk
RaffaelePierre Brasseur
Bettina VerdiMartine Carol
ClioClaudye Carter
CastMax Dalbau
Amedeo MagliaMarcel Dalio
SandriniCharles de Champs
RicardoYves Denaud
CastGuy Favieres
The KeeperRené Genin
CastPhilippe Le Maire
CastClaude Nicot
LaetitiaMarianne Oswald
CastMarcel Peres
AngeloSerge Reggiani
Ettore MagliaLouis Salou
Luccia MagliaSolange Sicard

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorAndré Cayatte
DirectorJoseph Kosma
DirectorPierre LĂ©and
EditorChristian Gaudin
ContinuityMildred Pease
Assistant EditorChristiane Stengel
ComposerRosine Delamare
ComposerCamille Demangeat
ComposerRene Moulaert
ComposerRené Petit
ComposerHenri Schmitt
Production ManagerJean Clerc
MakeupPaul Dean
Camera AssistantR. Latouzet
Camera AssistantR. Menvielle
CameraHenri Tiquet
SupervisorCharles Borderie
Production AssistantLeon Canel
ProductionAndré Cayatte
Unit ManagerAndre Michaud
PropertiesAlbert Volper
PlaygroupHenri Alekan
SecretaryMargot Capelier
PlaygroupJacques Prévert
Technical AdviserGuy Seitz

Company Overview

Producer Raymond-Borderie Production

Production information courtesy of: Kenneth Rothwell