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A Midsummer Night's Dream (1937)

TitleA Midsummer Night's Dream
Release LocationsGB
Length25 mins
Play ConnectionsA Midsummer Night's Dream (scene(s))
SeriesScenes from Shakespeare


A part of the BBC pioneering "Scenes from Shakespeare" series, the earliest transmissions of Shakespeare on television. The program called for Mendelssohn's music during the intervals

Description from Shakespeare on Screen : an International Filmography and Videography by Kenneth S. Rothwell and Annabelle Henkin Melzer. ©1990 Kenneth S. Rothwell. Cited by permission. — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

TitaniaPatricia Hilliard
BottomD. Hay Petrie

Production Team and Crew Overview

ProducerDallas Bower

Production information courtesy of: Kenneth Rothwell