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Marcantonio e Cleopatra (1913, Enrico Guazzoni)

TitleMarcantonio e Cleopatra
Release LocationsItaly
DirectorEnrico Guazzoni
Length1 hrs
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsAntony and Cleopatra (derivative)


Made in Italy in 1913, this film resembles Shakespeare's play in title only. Only the spirit of Shakespeare's play lingers on, and that barely alive

Description from Shakespeare on Screen : an International Filmography and Videography by Kenneth S. Rothwell and Annabelle Henkin Melzer. ©1990 Kenneth S. Rothwell. Cited by permission. — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

CharmianMatilde di Marzio
CleopatraGiovanna Terribili Gonzales
OctaviaElsa Lenard
Augustus CaesarIgnazio Lupi
AntonyAntony Novelli

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorEnrico Guazzoni
ProducerEnrico Guazzoni
ProducerGeorge Kleine

Production information courtesy of: Kenneth Rothwell