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Hal J. Todd

HAL J. TODD comes to the Festival for the first time as Director this summer from Idaho State College, where he is Director and an instructor in the Drama Department. He obtained his first degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado, but he switched to Speech and Drama for his Master's at Stanford University and earned his Ph. D. in Theatre at Denver University. Hal has appeared in leading roles, Shakespearean and otherwise, in both college and Community theatres, and he has been Director for the Palo Alto Community Theatre, the Porterville Barn Theatre, the Yosemite Centennial Theatre, at Camden Hills, Maine, and at San Francisco's municipal Marina Theatre.

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Credited as cast

  1. Love's Labour's Lost (1956, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Holofernes
  2. Richard III (1956, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Attendants

Credited as production or crew

  1. Romeo and Juliet (1956, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Director
  2. Titus Andronicus (1956, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Director

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