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Theodore Pejovich

THEODORE PEJOVICH, San Francisco, California (Tudor ^: ?hl Scholarship) is a Drama and Language major at San Francisco State College. He has also studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the San Francisco Ballet School. He took the role of Tharsalio in Widow's Tears, an American Conservatory Theatre performance project. In l^^-nKU, ho performed solo roles with the Pacific Ballet Company. He took the part of Laertes in the Hamlet-Laertes dnol scene and tlio p;ir1 of Millimant in the Mirabell-Millimant love scene from Way of the World for an A. C. T. documentary film tor National Educational Television.

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Credited as cast

  1. The Tempest (1969, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Ariel
  2. Twelfth Night (1969, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Feste

: Film production
: Performance