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Michael O'Sullivan

MICHAEL O'SULLIVAN, while at the University of Denver, appeared as the Reverend Paris in The Crucible and the Lighthouse Inspector in Thunder Rock, in Studio Theatre productions there, he was seen as Oedipus in Oedipus Rex, Prometheus in Prometheus Bound and Mephistopheles in Faust, for which he received the award as "Best Actor of the Season." A student at the Goodman Memorial Theatre in Chicago, he has played a variety of roles, including the Beggar in Electra and the Prospector in The Madwoman of Chaillot.

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MICHAEL O'SULLIVAN is appearing for his second season at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival, and will be remembered as 1957s Wolsey in Henry VIII, Corin in As You Like It, and Brabantio in Othello. He is now with the Actors Workshop in San Francisco, where he was seen last winter as Priam in Tiger at the Gates. While studying- at the University of Denver he played Reverend Paris in The Crucible, and, with the Studio Theatre there, played the title role in both Prometheus Sound and Oedipus Rex, and received the "best-actor-of-the-season" award for his Mephistopheles in Fausti

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Credited as cast

  1. Merchant of Venice (1958, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Old Gobbo
  2. Much Ado About Nothing (1958, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Antonio
  3. Troilus and Cressida (1958, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Pandarus
  4. As You Like It (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Corin
  5. Henry VIII (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Cardinal Wolsey
  6. Othello (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Brabantio
  7. Pericles (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Cerimon
  8. The Two Gentlemen of Verona (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Panthino

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