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Mary G. Evans

MARY G. EVANS, whose home is Appledore Heath, Kent, England, is working with the Festival and visiting the United States, both for the first time. She is Assistant Stage Manager here, and comes to us on a Rotary Scholarship from the University of Georgia, where she was Junior Artist in Residence in the Drama Department. Her B.A. in French and Drama was awarded at the University of Bristol, in England. While in Georgia, she played several roles, including the Charwoman in Anastasia, but her primary interest is directing. This fall she will return to England, planning to continue her work in Theatre or in B.B.C. radio.

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Credited as production or crew

  1. Henry VIII (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Assistant Stage Manager
  2. Othello (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Assistant Stage Manager
  3. Pericles (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) .... Production Stage Manager

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: Performance