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John Philip Kemble

J. P. Kemble (1757-1823) was a British actor and member of the famous Kemble family of actors. His father was Roger Kemble, an actor and theatre manager. His elder sister Sarah Siddons achieved fame with him on the stage of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. His other siblings Charles Kemble, Stephen Kemble, Ann Hatton and Elizabeth Whitlock also enjoyed success on the stage. In 1788, he was appointed manager of the Drury Lane and proceeded to perform a variety of roles, including a large number of Shakespearean characters. He was married to Priscilla Hopkins Brereton, who was an actress in her own right.

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Credited as cast

  1. King John (1816, UK) .... King John
  2. King John (1804, Kemble's, UK) .... King John
  3. King John (1801, Their Majesties' Servants, UK) .... John, King of England
  4. King John (1792, UK) .... King John
  5. King John (1783, UK) .... King John

Credited as production or crew

  1. King John (1822, UK) .... Director
  2. King John (1816, UK) .... Director
  3. King John (1804, Kemble's, UK) .... Director

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