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Since many old playbills credit only "Kemble," it is difficult to know which member of the Kemble family played the role. Judging by his popularity, "Kemble" probably refers to John Philip Kemble (1757-1823). Other candidates include his father, Roger Kemble (1721-1802), or his brothers Charles (1775-1854) or Stephen (1758-1822).

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Credited as cast

  1. King John; Or, England Invaded (1800, Their Majesties' Servants, UK) .... John, King of England
  2. King John (1795, UK) .... King John
  3. King John (1793, UK) .... King John
  4. King John (1785, UK) .... King John
  5. King John (1784, UK) .... Earl of Pembroke

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